How to Get Fit and Healthy While Saving Time and Money

Have you ever seen someone in great shape running in the park or through town and thought of how great it must feel to be so incredibly fit?

Maybe you’ve started a running routine yourself, but you still have a long way to go before you consider yourself “in shape.”

Or maybe you’re the person who everyone views as a model of fitness, but you won’t be satisfied until you chase down that new personal best.

Whether you’re just starting to think about a running regimen or you’re a fitness buff who wants to take the next step — or if you’re anywhere in between — a structured, detailed fitness plan is essential to reaching your goals.

But that’s easier said than done…

First, mapping out a unique fitness plan that suits your specific needs can be challenging, even for experienced runners.

Then there’s “paralysis by analysis.” You wait to get moving because you always think you can learn more and improve your plan.

Or the usual, “I’ll start next Monday or next month!”

It’s Time to Hit the Ground Running

Aren’t you tired of waiting to “figure it out” or thinking you “just need to do more research”?Imagine the time and money you could save by not having to think about organising your training, planning your distances, fitting running into your overall schedule, or ensuring your regimen is appropriate for the training block you’re in.

If you’re reading this right now, we know you want answers, you want knowledge. You want to train to run — and you want to train correctly.

Well, here’s the good news: We’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is follow the plain, plain and simple.

We like to use the phrase GET IT DONE, and with this plan that is exactly what you’ll do. After each complete session, you’ll have a heightened sense of achievement and of overall well-being. Every step you take through this program increases your fortitude and resilience. You’ll become a stronger, happier person as you make your goals materialise.

RunSmart 4Life Program has been carefully designed to cover all your fitness needs by our team of seasoned professionals, including a world-class professional athlete. This 10K training plan is simple to follow, yet incredibly effective.

Here’s What You Get with the RunSmart 4Life Program

  • 12-Week Training Plan based on 3 different levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. With our guidance, you choose which level you believe is appropriate, and as you progress through the training, you can move to the next level up when you’re ready.
  • 12-Week Strength Training Plan to complement the running program. This is a detailed section on resistance training, with illustrations and specific workouts designed to keep you strong and injury free.
  • Professional Nutrition and Hydration guidelines and tips for your training and racing.
  • 6 Amazing Bonuses Absolutely Free! Includes:
    • Chat with the Pro — a one-on-one conversation with a world-class professional athlete.
    • Pace conversion charts and data tables
    • Over 30 recovery recipes for smoothies
    • The Hidden Secret to fuelling your training
    • Information on training equipment and gadgets
    • Access to our membership list, where you’ll receive FAQ updates and future resources
  • Detailed Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from runners.

A Workout Plan Customized To Your Fitness Level

Don’t continue down the path of fad diets, expensive health food, overpriced gym memberships, pills, and potions that will NOT get you the results you desire.

Don’t be a victim to the lies of greedy weight loss swindlers who tell you to keep coming back and spending your hard-earned dollars.

Get the results you deserve by following the exact training system that fitness specialists and over 10,000 men and women just like you have used to lose weight and keep it off for life! We have years of experience in the fitness industry, and we want to share with you the details that few people understand when it comes to running distance the right way.

Here’s what you can expect when you register for the RunSmart 4Life Program:

  • You’ll have the flat stomach, the toned butt and thighs, and the incredible energy and confidence that comes from looking and feeling your absolute best.
  • You’ll be turning heads and lighting up rooms in 6 weeks or less!
  • You’ll find your unique training pace and heart rate and learn how to use this information most efficiently.
  • You’ll surprise yourself as it gets easier and easier to run long distance in a short amount of time.
  • The fat will melt away and friends will comment on your changing body tone.
  • Life’s stresses will ease as distance increases and you have time to clear your mind!Make the smartest investment of your life — in your body and yourself. It’s time to improve your health by following our 12-week training plan. You’re just a few moments away from securing your life-altering, body-changing fitness plan!

Here’s What Just a Few of Our
Satisfied Customers Have to Say

“I approached Phil in February, urgently needing training assistance for a specific timed physical test due in Mid March. This left 5 weeks preparation. Phil immediately put me at rest by confidently stating he believed he could help achieve this goal.In addition to intensive 1 -1 sessions where he pushed me hard, each week Phil devised specific drills, exercises and body-conditioning routines for me to follow daily. These complemented the PT sessions perfectly. These past 5 weeks were definitely hard work, and towards the end, Phil upped the intensity of the training sessions as the event drew near.

The result was a pass! Without Phil’s help I don’t believe I would have been as well prepared as I was, and may not have passed. Phil’s knowledge, training methods, patience and expertise are second to none and I am indebted! I would recommend Phil wholeheartedly”.

-Richard Nicholls (March 2015)

Nathan is one of our prime examples of what a structured training plan can do when followed on a weekly basis, Nathan approached us in Feb2015 to get “fit and healthy”, we gladly assisted him and before long he was eager to advance his new found fitness even further and did not hesitate when we organised a Running Plan based on 10km distance to be worked on gradually over time.

Over the period of the next 12 weeks Nathan grew from a person who had “never run much” before into a budding running enthusiast, clocking up weekly Kilometres and steadily building stamina and run fitness. To this day he is still following our structured running plan and is reaping the benefits of: losing over 18kg and over 15% body fat, being leaner and stronger, having increased cardiovascular abilities, having a stronger heart, and enjoying being an active person.

This is what Nathan has to say:

“I approached Phil to help me lose weight and gain fitness as I had just turned 40 and realised to have a good quality of life and keep up with my two young children my health needed to be addressed. Phil started me on a structured running plan, including regular testing to ensure I was performing at my optimum.

When I started I had difficulty running for 60 seconds straight. My last run on the weekend was a 60 minute run.
Even better I can now run with my kids, and now they have difficulty keeping up with me!

The improvements I have felt in health, wellbeing and confidence have been amazing. Others are also now seeing the changes in me, and I am often complimented about the change in my appearance. All thanks to Phil and his running program..”

-Nathan _May 2016

This Entire System Costs Less Than a Pair of Shoes!

Imagine if you were to work out with the average personal trainer at a corporate gym or request that a coach design a 12-week program for you. The cost would easily be $30 per week at minimum, and for 12 weeks would cost you $360.

The worst part is that the trainer probably knows next to nothing about running or applying an appropriate training plan with concurrent strength workouts to help you transform your body.

Now imagine working with a multiple Ironman champion, who lives, eats, and breathes running and coaching. This elite athlete has raced some of the toughest races in the world and has coached multiple age groups and other professional athletes.

What would that training program be worth? Do you think it would be an extremely well-structured and easy-to-follow system designed to get results? You bet it is!

If you bought each program separately, one 12-week training program and one 12-week strength program, you would pay over $500 easily! But today, you can get INSTANT access to the RunSmart 4Life Program system at the seriously discounted price of only:

Not even half that again

But What If It Doesn’t Work for Me?

Then you get your money back!

Because we’re so confident our RunSmart 4Life Prgoram will get you great results, we’re offering a Satisfaction Guarantee for the 12-week duration. If you’re not 100% satisfied after honestly trying our 12-week training plan and seeking advice when you need a little help, simply request a full refund. We’ll happily give your money back, no questions asked. There is NO RISK for you to give this program a try.

So get started on your new body — and new life — right now!

Right after you click the “Get Started Today” button, you’ll be directed to a secure order form where you can make payment via credit card or PayPal.

After payment, you’ll receive email confirmation within minutes of your order. A follow-up email will be sent with your 12-Week Training Program.

It’s time to take action and take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get the lean, strong, fit body you deserve!

Don’t forget, your purchase is backed by our money-back guarantee, so hit the ground running right now!

“Frequently Asked Questions”

How long is the training plan?

The training plan lasts for 12 weeks.

It is a detailed, progressive plan, designed to give you maximum results. It follows a straightforward weekly pattern and has easy-to-follow directions on what is to be completed each day.

The 12-week program allows enough time to progress through the different blocks of the plan and allows for a race taper as well.

How long does it take to get my RunSmart 4Life Program?

Once you click the “Get Started Today” button, you’ll be directed to a secure order form, where you can make payment via credit card or PayPal.

After the payment is complete, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’ve made payment.

Then you’ll receive a follow-up email containing your RunSmart 4Life Program. Please check your spam folders to ensure the filters have not directed your training plan there.

Please allow 10-15 minutes for the process to occur.

Do I need a gym membership for this training?

Not at all! You can use the treadmill if you’re limited by time or weather. But whenever possible, it’s best to run outdoors.

We’ve included a bonus treadmill pace converter chart to help you determine pace (min/mile pace to miles/hour).

While there is a strength training component in this plan to complement the running program, you can adjust to suit your needs.

I’m a total beginner. Will this be too advanced for me?

No way! Since there are 3 levels of advancement, and the plan is structured according to your pace and heart rate results, it is based on your abilities.

Essentially the plan has been structured to become personalised once you input certain data specific to you. It is then tailored to your level of fitness.

I’m just getting over an injury. Should I wait to get a plan or do it now?

If you’re healthy and can run without pain, the best time to get a training plan is right now.

There’s a risky time during the return-to-running phase where you’re more likely to get injured. As mentioned, the program is tailored to each individual by using key indicators from a time trial, which can be carried out at later stage in the program, when you’re ready to complete it.

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

No, there is absolutely no hidden fees. Payment is through the safe and secure Paypal portal.
The only fee charged is for the Ebook. No other costs are deducted.

What happens when the 12 weeks are up?

Depending on the level you are currently at. A beginner could step up to intermediate program and onto advanced program in 24 weeks. An intermediate could use the advanced program after the 12 weeks are complete. An advanced athlete could decide to take the next step to utilising a personalised program, which we can structure accordingly. So there are multiple choices once 12 weeks are complete. At the completion of 12 weeks you will be an accomplished runner, experienced in body conditioning and have a superior knowledge in hydration and nutrition.

The decision as to where you proceed is entirely up to you, but we will always be there to assist and guide you.

I’m very busy. Will I be able to fit this into my daily life?

Absolutely, there is generally 1 session per day. It is clear and concise in detail. And does not take long to complete. Over the course of the 12 week program, sessions will naturally progress to either longer or harder workouts but you will easily fir these into your lifestyle. If you were so busy you could not fit them in….I doubt you would be reading this now! We should always endeavour to make time to improve our health and wellbeing, after all our health is our wealth!