Sick of Diets …. Sick from Diets … Diets of Sickness.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘we are what we eat’…..of course you have.

we are what we eat

I have seen and read hundreds of Diet programs and Fads. From: 7 day -17 day diets, detox diets, 2 day no food programs, high carb, low carb, Atkins diet, caveman diet (paleo diet), high protein, low protein, 2 meals to 7 meals a day….the list goes on and on, until one is left dazed and confused, And will pick anyone of these options for some reason or another, paralysis by analysis.

It truly is an insane niche market, Diets, and a multi-million dollar industry no doubt.

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No, I’m a true believer in a balanced wholesome Diet, based on knowledge and being educated in the fundamentals of what is in our food, what we need as daily minimum and how this changes as we change, be it:  age,  injury, increase/decrease exercise, different weather, seasons etc etc.

The key in my opinion, is to understand 5 KEY POINTS/QUESTIONS:

5 key points

  1. What is this piece of food I’m about to eat? Is it a Carbohydrate, Protein, Fatty Acid. Is it high in Minerals, Vitamins, Fibre etc.
  2. What is its Source – Natural, Processed, Artificial or a Hybrid of sorts?
  3. What are your daily intake needs (based on my activity, work exercise regime, body type)? And how much calories you are eating, what nutrients, minerals and vitamins it adds to your body. Are you in deficit Minerals and Vitamins and Surplus in Calories?
  4. ‘Is my diet balanced?’ ie. Containing all the essential Amino Acids, enough Calories, Fibre, Minerals, Vitamins and Water.
  5. If you give a damn about your Health, you should dedicate some time to educating yourself about nutrition, make an effort to read a book covering balanced diets, by a     reputable author. Take control of your own life because no one will do it for you…..for your benefit!!


images bookKnowledge is Power’…has been a famous saying..…I disagree!, Knowledge along with Positive Action gives you the Power to achieve your Goals, so don’t just research and understand about nutrition, take positive action to make great changes possible.

Dieting to lose weight is just as hard or as easy as changing the habit. One way to look at this is to see how the habit formed. Habits do not take place overnight. It is an accumulation of little things done over a course of time until the effect sets in.

Likewise, dieting to be really effective has to be gradual. So for now, stay off the crash dieting, fast reducing and fast fat burning menus. It may guarantee to reduce your weight but not your nutrition and well-being.


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